Your Funniest Story

 We have all had some incredibly funny things happen to us over the years.  This section is for you to share the funniest thing that ever happened to you (only one true story per person please).  If you can allow us to have a good laugh from your life, we will all be healthier and happier.  Send me your story and I will upload it to this page.  Please make it as brief and to the point as possible, so others will be encouraged to read the whole story.  My story is below.  

Now it is your turn.

Gene Gobble


From Gene Gobble

In 1972 I was on a tour of the Middle East and while in Jerusalem I purchased a traditional middle eastern gown, such as worn in the days of Christ, complete with a turban and hand band.  A couple of days later I decided it would be fun to wear this outfit on our night flight from Tel Aviv, Israel to Cairo, Egypt.  I had not shaved in over a week and wore dark sunglasses.  I looked like Yasser Arafat on a bad hair day.  Everything went smoothly until we landed in Cairo about 9:00PM.  I got off the plane and was causally walking down the terminal hallway when all of a sudden four security guards with machine guns came up from behind me and took me into custody as a possible terrorist.  I cried out that I was just a tourist, but they did not listen or respond.  They took me way back into some isolated interrogation room of the airport where I kept begging them to understand I was just a tourist, not a terrorist.  Our tour guide and group did not know what happened to me and were waiting for me to join them for the bus ride to our hotel in downtown Cairo.  After two hours the airport security staff finally decided to try and see if I really was with a tour group.  They finally found my frustrated group waiting for me and confirmed with the guide that I was one of their group (not one of the smarter ones) and I was released to the German Tour Guide.  Needless to say, I immediately changed clothes and packed away the outfit for another day.