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10/08/10 03:39 PM #14    

Tommy Luckenbach (1973)

I paid my registration in time, but now my lady friend wants to come and registration is closed.  If anyone has to cancel, maybe she can take their place.  Do ya'll know of anyone?



10/18/10 10:27 AM #15    

Mary Anne Dunn (Bose) (1967)

Best Wishes to Gene Gobble. Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday filled with Fun, Family, Friends & Endless Blessings !

You did a fanastic job with this super website that has enabled all of us former Coyotes to stay in touch & for the marvelous Reunion to come together....THANK YOU so much.

10/18/10 11:42 AM #16    

Jo Nita Love (Adams) (1968)


Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone who was involved in putting together the great class reunion!  You all did such a great job!  My only regret is that we weren't able to visit as much as I'd have liked due to soooo many people.  About the time I located someone, they'd move, and then I couldn't find them.  Of course finding some people required looking at their name tag, ha!  By the way, are you sure we're almost sixty or older?!

Also, I felt terrible leaving such a mess after the reunion.  I know somebody was responsible for cleaning up.  Next reunion, the rule should be for everyone at any given table has the responsibility of bussing that table.  You can tell I was in the cleaning business too long.

Hope all of you will stay in touch with each other especially those you were close to back in high school.  Take care, and let's keep these reunions going.

God bless each of you.

Jo Nita (Love) Adams

01/02/11 09:27 AM #17    

Adrian Garcia (1969)


Hello everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know how sorry I was to have missed this past reunion.  Also wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and kickin' and looking forward to seeing many of you again. I appreciate the concern and prayers of so many and the visits while in the hospital in Houston. THAT, was no easy task! I didn't have any problem finding the place because I flew in. The Dr. says I have a good chance of going another 20 years. I have my fingers crossed. Hope I have long enough to see many of you again. Thanks to so many again, and let's try to make the next one!

02/28/11 11:09 AM #18    

Ismael Nava (1968)

Just heard from Enrique Resendez that Jan Costillow Crisp (Class of '68) passed away this past weekend. There is a posting in the Alice Echo-News regarding her obituary. Her husband is Darrel Crisp (Classs of '68).

Ismael "Smiley" Nava

03/29/11 12:30 AM #19    

Leslie Crouch (Kemp) (1970)

Hey guys.  I'm not sure that this is the same Texas Ranger of which you have written, but it could possibly be Richard James Peters.  He was a tall (about 6'6") and on the lanky side and lived right next door to me.  This was about 1966 -1970.  I remember because when they first moved there he drove a DPS car but soon afterward (about 1968) he became a Texas Ranger.    At that time people (adults) called him "Dick" since his first name was Richard.  Bob Miller, sheriff, lived at the end of Roosevelt and Cameron. 

At that time, he was married to a woman name Elanie and she had a daughter from a previous Maria named Julie Fritche (I probably did not spell the last name correctly).  I think she graduated in 1967 or 1967.

When Dick was transferred to Corpus in 1970 they moved and we never heard from them again.  I rhink that is when he changed his name to "Jim".  My mother did hear a rumor a couple of years later that Dick & Elaine had divorced.

An author by the name of Lee Paul wrote a book about "Jim Peters:  Texas Ranger" which I bought on Amazon and was not too pleased as I know for sure there are discrepancies in the book.  It never mentions his marriage  to Elaine, nor her daughter Julie.  There are also some minor things that were left out that I know happened - after all I was 16 - 18 years old and I remember so many things - having a Texas Ranger living next door,

Sorry to ramble, but I can't help but think this is the Ranger you have been discussing.  If anyone has something to add, or to correct me, please do.  Thanks, Leslie Crouch Kemp

05/20/11 10:45 AM #20    

Jo Nita Love (Adams) (1968)

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to say that I appreciate all that was done and is still being done to make the 2010 Reunion such a great one.  I appreciate all of the hard work that each of those involved in the reunion booklet are doing to make it one we will be proud to have.

Guys, we may be getting old, but I think we can wait and not complain about the length of time it's taking to put the booklet together!  Remember, it used to take an entire school year to put our annuals together.

Keep up the good work ya'll!

Jo Nita Adams-Class of '68


01/01/13 12:57 PM #21    

Kate McCoy (Lacy) (1963)

I wonder if anyone has taken the time to list those we've lost during 2011 and 2012 since the last reunion.

Are there plans for a reunion in 2013? For those of us from 63, that's our 50th.

Kate McCoy Lacy

01/01/13 01:48 PM #22    

Aaron Bonds (1968)

What a group of decent human beings that attended  Williams  Adams. High  School  from 1963-1973 and coca Aaron. Bonds is extremely Proud to associated with such a Good group odDecent Human  Beings. When is our next  Reunion?



Coach Aaron Bonds


02/06/13 08:03 AM #23    

Connie Roberts (Douglass) (1971)

I'd like everyone to know that Donna Humphries Swartz is in ICU at Spohn Hospital Shoreline in Corpus Christi. They cannot stabilize her B/P and know that there is bleeding somewhere but have not pin pointed it yet. I am asking for all of you that know Donna to pray for her and her family. They will be doing more testing today.


02/06/13 08:06 AM #24    

Connie Roberts (Douglass) (1971)

I have not received any info on the reunion... When, where?


02/11/13 09:42 AM #25    


Laura Snelling (Taplin) (1968)


Hope you enjoy the above YouTube link. It features the music of an old Williams Adams High School grad....


John Beams - Class of 1969.  He's married to one of Loretta Lynn's daughters and has been Loretta's manager for this...

08/06/14 10:29 AM #26    

Jo Nita Love (Adams) (1968)

Dear Classmates and Friends,

For those who don't know, I wanted to tell you that my mom, Anita Love, passed away on the morning of July 29, 2014 in Temple, TX.  She is now in the presence of God and Jesus, and my dad, Joe Love, who passed away July 23, 2009.  I know many of you were touched by my parents in some way.  So, I wanted to let you know.

God Bless,


Jo Nita (Love) Adams

08/07/14 02:27 PM #27    

Marilee Hebert (Miller) (1967)

JoNita Love Adams-I am sorry to read about the passing of your mom (and of course your dad, preceeding). Your mom and dad were and are so loved by the members of First Baptist Church of Alice. It is comforting to know that we will all be together in eternity. I send a hug to you with this message and hope that all is well with you and yours! --Marilee Hebert Miller

08/07/14 03:34 PM #28    

Bonnie Smith (Whitley) (1968)

We were very sorry to hear about your mother, Jo Nita.  She was a lovely woman of a God.  I know your Dad rejoiced at their reunion!  Blessings, friend.

bonnie & Dennis whitley 

08/07/14 08:24 PM #29    

Nancy Linder (McHalffey) (1968)

Jo Nita,

         I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I know she was a very special person to everyone who

knew her. Her beautiful smile and kind gentle ways will not be forgotten. You were surely blessed to

have such wonderful, endearing parents. May God be with you during this very difficult time.

Nancy Linder McHalffey


08/08/14 12:36 AM #30    

Richard Gonzalez (1969)

Nita, I'm a 1969 graduate...just wanted to extend my condolences on the passing of your mom.

Richard Gonzalez

08/08/14 08:50 AM #31    

Dayner Todd (Roberts) (1970)

JoNita. So sorry for the loss of your sweet mother. I know she and your dad are together watching over you. 

Dayner Todd Roberts


08/08/14 03:50 PM #32    

Carole Tipps (Bowden)

Jo Nita.
Your parents were such special people who my family loved dearly. Sorry you lost your mom but knowing she is with your dad and Jesus is comforting to know.
Carole Tipps Bowden.

08/13/14 09:30 AM #33    

Jo Nita Love (Adams) (1968)

Dear Classmates and Friends,

Thanks to each of you for your kind thoughts and words.  It's very comforting to know you had parents who touched so many lives in a positive way.  I feel very fortunate to have been raised by them!

God bless each of you.


Jo Nita (Love) Adams

04/18/21 07:05 PM #34    

Patrice Eicher (Taylor) (1971)

Dear Classmates that graduated AHS 1971:  we are celebrating 50 years since AHS graduation!  In case you missed the news, a reunion is in the works for a TBD-To Be Determined weekend in October, 1971, at a TBD location.  Gloria Perez is attempting to get a count of potential attendees, and is soliciting this information on the AHS Class of 1971 FB page. Please let her know your interest.  If your aren’t a member of the page - join us!

09/11/21 04:25 PM #35    

Patrice Eicher (Taylor) (1971)

Classmates AHS '71

The 50 year Reunion has been postponed due to C19 concerns.  
8/22/21 Gloria Perez Bonds Reunion Update:

In the past 2 weeks the Reunion Committee has been receiving numerous calls and text messages about our Reunion scheduled for October 23rd in Alice.  As everyone can assume, the calls are about concerns with the rising cases of COVID-19 and hospitalizations in our area.  
The majority of the Classmates, that have reached out, are telling us that they will not attend, due to concerns for their health.  After much discussion with the Committee and several Classmates we have decided to postpone the Reunion for a later date to be determined.  This was a difficult decision, but we didn't want to proceed with the Reunion, when some of our Classmates that were planning to attend, had changed their plans.  I hope this does not cause any problems or concerns for Classmates that were planning on attending.  
We have also been notified that some of our Classmates are currently sick with COVID 19 and some that are recovered and doing well. Let's keep our Classmates in our prayers.
The venue we had rented, Willow House of Texas, has been notified and will work with us on a future date.  
We will keep everyone updated.  We look forward to planning our 50th Reunion sometime at the beginning of 2022.  We know the AHS Class of 1971 will be ready to celebrate!! 
Please feel free to post any questions or send me a message.
We hope everyone stays safe and healthy.   

Go Coyotes!!!


01/30/22 07:28 PM #36    

Libby Dabney (Morrison) (1973)


'Not sure where to post this but class of 73 lost Alice Carr to Covid in 2021 I believe.  She need to be in memory section 

also class of 1973 lost Kent Westmoreland in 2015 I believe  



09/03/22 03:33 PM #37    

Patrice Eicher (Taylor) (1971)

AHS class of ‘71 Reschedule of 50 year Reunion

REUNION UPDATE from Gloria Perez Bonds
“We can't believe that we will finally be celebrating our 50TH Reunion in one month! We are excited to announce that we have 92 Classmates confirmed as of 9/3/22!!  We will wait until Tuesday 9/6/22 to get the final count for the catering.  So please reach out to any Classmates that are not on our FaceBook page.  We have Classmates attending that have not attended any of our other reunions, and we are going to have so much fun!!
Venue: Willow House of Texas 
             3451 Falfurrias Hwy
             Dress is casual
Once we get the final count I will post [to the AHS CLASS of ‘71 page @] the cost per person and how you can pay.  The cost will cover the venue, decorations, catering and DJ.  There will be a cash bar. The cost will be between $40-50 per person.
There will also be a Friday night party at Doug & Debbie White's residence.  We will post the details next week.
The Coyotes are not playing in town that Friday and we have not planned a tour of the High School.  
Reminder to call the Holiday Inn for your room reservations. 
 The number is 361.239.3501.  The code is AHS.
Please post any questions or call Gloria at 361.765.6670.
Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!”



03/27/23 11:51 AM #38    

Casimiro (Casey) Garza, Jr (1965)


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